Seen at the Washington Auto Show: Advanced Fuel Cars

Novozymes today offered members of the media, government officials, VIPs and other attendees of the annual Washington Auto Show a chance to test drive of Chevy HHR powered (literally) by government waste. The fuel used in the car was produced from government office wastepaper and waste cardboard by Fiberight. Novozymes President Adam Monroe previewed the effort on Clean Skies TV.

Also at the show, auto parts maker Ricardo Inc. is displaying a GMC Sierra 3500HD pickup that has been optimized to run on a 30% to 50% blend of ethanol. According to one report, the car heavy duty truck is expected to maintain power while cutting engine size and improving fuel economy by 30%.


One Response

  1. You will never guess which car model was the first mass produced “flex-fuel” car.

    Maybe the 2000 Chevy S-10 pickup?… Nope.
    How about the 1999 Ford Taurus?… Nada.
    So… it must be the 1998 Dodge Caravan, right?… Not even close

    Watch this short video to see if you were correct.

    The First Flex-Fuel Vehicle: (5:34)

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