This Week in Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology

Can you make fuel out of tobacco? Apparently you can if they’re genetically engineered tobacco plants.

According to Alternative Energy,

“Researchers from the Biotechnology Foundation Laboratories at Thomas Jefferson University have developed a new method to increase the quantity of oil in tobacco leaves. So that oil in tobacco leaves can be utilized as biofuels in future. Their paper was published in Plant Biotechnology Journal which is an online journal.”

Alternative Energy goes on to write,

“According to Dr. Andrianov, “Tobacco is very attractive as a biofuel because the idea is to use plants that aren’t used in food production. We have found ways to genetically engineer the plants so that their leaves express more oil. In some instances, the modified plants produced 20-fold more oil in the leaves.””

That’s another feedstock to add to the list.

Xconomy in Seattle has come up with the top five innovations to watch in the coming decade. They are:

  1. The Return of Nanotechnology
  2. Industrial Applications of Synthetic Biology
  3. P4 Medicine. A term coined by Leroy Hood to embody Personalized, Predictive, Preventive, and Participatory medicine.
  4. Merger of the ‘Cloud’ Computing and Mobile Devices.
  5. In-Vivo Cell Potentiation
  6. .

Read more about these at Xconmony.

And now, the fifty hottest companies in bioenergy announced by Biofuels Digest for 2009-2010. Well it’s a long list so we won’t tell you who all fifty are, but you can find that list on the Biofuels Digest web site. The first five are:

  1. Solazyme
  2. Poet
  3. Amyris
  4. BP Biofuels
  5. Sapphire Energy

Congratulations and best wishes for 2010.


2 Responses

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  2. This is not about common sense and new fuels and solutions; it is about control. This Congress does not let details and public opinion stand in their way. They want Socialism-Communism; that is what must be disarmed. There is a better way than Socialism and Capitalism, yet it enriches the people and has all working for the benefit of all without government oppression. God warns against debt, interest, insurance, seeking riches and honors, pride and covetousness. He has true freedom and independence. We can turn to a garden paradise lifestyle instead of the employment lifestyle that caused the world problems.

    The only reason the Climate Change idea is still alive is that poor nations think they will get money from rich nations. That is another lying bribe to get nations to sign away their authority and give the UN entity control over their nations. That is an illusion that will disappear with details.

    We are making jobs just for the sake of making jobs, seeking riches while destroying ourselves. The only sustainable and reasonable solution is to “retire.” We can turn to a garden paradise lifestyle with trees, plants and pets that provide fresh food around us. That solves “climate change” and pollution, disease, energy crisis, war, immigration, financial crises, and social problems at the same time. Any other solution causes other problems, takes away our freedoms and is not even a good delay.

    God warned against nations joining for protection and prosperity in Psalms 1 and 2, II Chronicles 16:7-12; and 20:35-37. It is counter-productive and opens a nation up to deceptions, corruption, abuses and delays.

    See Taking Back Our Nation at as an example of how to pull out of our corrupted lifestyles.

    Marie Devine
    God has solutions to world problems we created by ignoring His wisdom.

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