The Truth is Out There

The journal Science published two papers:

in their online, early publication ScienceXpress that suggest that the production and use of biofuels may be worse for climate change than gasoline. The study and papers argue that cultivating more land to produce biofuels will create a “carbon debt” that has to be repaid. The conclusion they draw is that it is better to continue to use petroleum for transportation fuel. A careful and balanced analysis suggests that such a sweeping statement is not justified by the evidence. Much has been made of these papers both in the conventional media and in the blog world. We hope that by launching this space for conversation that we can begin to get at the truth. Drop in and let us know what you think.


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  3. We are going the wrong way about ecologie redress, and alternate fuel.
    As noted above, pollution of one kind or another will still exist.
    The solution which seems obvious but people don’t want to hear is, reduction on consumption of fuel, regadless that it is fossil fuel or vegetable fuel.
    Just think, visualize this:
    Prohibiting any vehicle to carry persons from one point to another, to be more than a four cylinders and minimum 30 MPG.
    Commercial vehicle to be accordingly reduced in consumption.
    We could reduce emission and demand for fuel to at least half of the current needs.
    We are so enamored with our big, monstruous, gaz guzzling, polluting suv’s that we are ruining our environment without thinking about the future of our kids.

  4. Hi Claude Chabana,
    I just wanted to thank you for dropping in and taking the time to contribute to the discussion. This is clearly an important issue for us all and open discussion always ferrets out the truth. Thanks again for joining in.

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